Post date: Jul 22, 2015 1:37:09 PM

Yikes! There's sharks in the water! We stood on the Manhattan Beach Pier on a warm summer late morning with the sun shining and dancing on the water beneath us and we saw the shadow of A GREAT WHITE SHARK.

This is not a story, it is no lie. We actually saw a great white shark off of the Manhattan Beach Pier on July 5, 2005 and then later in the afternoon at 22nd street on the beach in Hermosa saw a dead seal with its head bitten off, yuck.

I have video of the great white shark here and we saw him come within 6 feet of a surfer and they just hung out looking at each other, the shark and the surfer. Later on a pier to pier swimmer swam right by the shark, within arms length, and the great white was like, oh, but let him go without a sniff.

Here is that great video:

Here is a slide show of some awesome pictures we took:

Dear Writers, these are moments that seize you and your imagination and make one feel so alive. One of the highlights of my life. I'd seen sharks in an aquarium and all, but in the wild, live, at my feet just gliding and all.

Wonderful, keep writing about your GREAT moments in life, Dear Writers.