Find a friend

Post date: Jul 21, 2015 1:39:59 PM

You can get by with the help of your friends, as the song goes. (Ringo Starr sang this with the Beatles on the Sgt. Peppers CD)

Friends make life interesting and also are the components of your stories vicariously. Your characters will have the traits of your friends, characteristics of your friends, descriptions of your friends; however, mix them up so no one friend who reads you will recognize themselves.

The best stories are real and you just have to change the names, faces and places to make them yours and embellish the heck out of them (names, faces and places).

Stir in a plot and you have a recipe for some good cooking that will stick to the ribs of your readers.

Friends make our stew more savory and life more interesting. Sometimes they do and see and hear things we never ourselves would and that is good since we can not experience it all and sometimes do NOT want to experience it all.

Dear Writers, collaborate with your closest friends only and let them in on your writing secret. As soon as you write it down it is automatically protected by law and it is yours. Keep records and date them, always to protect you and your work.