Can you believe it?

Post date: Jun 18, 2015 1:47:29 PM

Belief is a very nebulous thing. In a way it is ethereal yet concrete and you cannot deny it to anyone yet no one can prove they really have it. It has no tangibility except in the heart and mind of the person that has it.

This life has a matrix quality for some people see it as one thing and others see it as another and the two images compete and challenge each others belief system. Muslims see the world as black and white (figuratively) while Christians see it as white and black. Two distinct things and so cross fire that you would think they are really living on two different worlds as far apart as sometimes they seem yet they are so close to one another that they could be closely related and maybe stem from one teaching.

I can't believe that we cannot achieve something in this life that is worthwhile which is why there is the possibility that one story somewhere will bring together all of mankind. A lofty goal, yet all one has to do is believe and someone may write it. Why not you?