How do you describe the process?

Post date: Feb 23, 2018 1:07:41 AM

How do you describe the process?

I was explaining to my youngest adult son about the joy I have of writing. I am sure that the fact that he was actively listening was gratifying to me. My children actually take an active interest in what I do and in this case, how I do it.

The beauty of it was that after I told him about how my characters can take life and speak in their own voice. It is like they take over, but they are all inside my head. (I do actually them inhabit different spaces in my head as opposed to a mental phenomenon thing.)

Then the next words he said, told me a lot about how he understands it and even helped me to understand it better.

He said:

It is like when you are a child and you are playing with little men or dolls, or you pretend you are a space man or robot. You put so much of your imagination into it that it becomes real. You become the space man or robot, your little men or dolls become alive and have characters of their own.

I said, EXACTLY! That’s it. Such an apt description from someone who is not the kind of writer that I am. So I am sharing this with you, Dear Readers and Dear Writers.

I know you know what and how and all the particulars of writing in character. There may be some of you, which do not know exactly how to explain it. So, this little story may help you explain it to your spouse, partner, friend, children or etc.

If this helps you please let me know. As I explore the writing universe, I share my knowledge and the things that I learn. As I clarify and explain then it helps my understanding grow even more.

Please feel free to share with me and if you do you may get your article published on my forum or blog.

Thanks for sharing and giving freely, as I do.

“If we are not here to help each other, then why are we here?” David Alan Binder