Resistance is just a disguised battle

Post date: Oct 10, 2017 11:46:09 PM

Resistance is just a disguised battle

You know the saying, “resistance is futile”

I first heard this story in Star Trek from The Borg. A fictional alien group that network at the brain or thought level. They were one.

They had a decisiveness, a mindset, and a confidence that no one could "not" join them.

You must have that mindset. At the beginning, before you start writing, before you conceive ideas, before you know, you must accept that you know. You must accept being the master, and then you must use that masterfulness and exert control over all of you. Your whole being is involved in this network. Your fingers, your eyes, your thought, your body, your mind, your belief, your every sensation must have this confidence, this bravado that you not only can, but also will, and inevitably overcome anything to get your story(s) written.

Where is your discipline? If not practiced daily it stagnates. (At least several times a week.)

Let’s discuss battle tactics. [Yes, you are in a battle, sometimes with others, sometimes with yourself, and certainly with time.]

Double envelope where both flanks defeat their opposite opponent then fold around (envelope) the middle opponents from the rear.



Surprise attack

Holding back a reserve, then putting them into the struggle at a significant point

Shock action, a brief increase in intensity that punches through

Concentration, specifically concentration of force. Prioritizing resources, reserves, additional attackers from other forces that have your alignment but may not be not akin to your forces.

Off Balance and Pin the enemy, do the unexpected, break from tradition, following convention are for amateurs, (but absolutely MUST follow MOST rules and only break them eloquently-by knowing what you are doing. This is an expert tactic. Be careful.)

Know when to defend. Know when to be on the offensive. Knowing is a carefully laid plan and skillful use of that knowledge can pay off.

Use intelligence, such as spies, insider knowledge, and the skills of masters that have gone before you and are willing to teach you. Those masters are all over the internet. Use them.

Deception is making the enemy think something that is not true. Fake cannon, ships, and troops, whatever.

The last is what the Colonists used against the English, guerrilla warfare. The conventions of the time said that battle lines were parallel and drawn in a line upon a bare field and each fire at the other. Use trees, bushes, and other terrain to hide behind and unleash a surprise element.

Dear Readers and Dear Writers; now apply all or some of these tactics to your writing. You have imagination, you have fury, and you have something you have to say, that you need to say; now say it.