Do you experience review lockup?

Post date: Oct 30, 2017 3:00:46 PM

Do you experience review lockup?

First, let me explain about what I am talking.

I want to buy something. I read up on the subject. Compare products. Read professional reviews (like on CNET, etc.) then I go to purchasing sites.

I read those reviews of the products. Invariably there are a majority of positive reviews and a minority of negative reviews.

There seems to always be someone that has had a bad experience and rate something 1 star or says they would rate it no stars if they could for whatever reason.

How do you rate? Are you a 1 star person? Are you a 5 star person? Or somewhere in-between?

My friends and family mostly rate me a 5 star individual. (There are days when they might score me lower or higher depending on an action at a particular time.) Heck, there have been years when I’ve been a low star before I finally earn the high star status.

Some people give others the benefit of the doubt (I think these people believe that if they are empathetic with others, then others will be empathetic of them, so the nebulous 3 star award.)

Some others never rate anything 5 star unless every aspect is wonderful, fantastic and great. I personally rate most things 4 star when they are good to very good since nothing is perfect.

So it is all aspect, paradigm and what we are used to seeing in our limited vision and experience.

Maybe I should get more experience before I write any reviews so that I can have a more wholistic (I just coined a word.) view. Yes, I mean wholistic, looking at all sides and a more whole view rather than a partial view.

Anther think piece by David Alan Binder. I am copywriting and Trademarking the word, wholistic© and TM.

Dear Riters and Dear Wreaders, have a good day. (Yes, I just did that intentionally since they are RED UNDERLINED to point out they are spelled wrong. I did it on purpose, just for fun.)