Marcus Aurelius has an important lesson to share with us

posted Jan 12, 2016, 6:00 AM by David Alan Binder   [ updated May 16, 2016, 6:42 AM ]

Marcus Aurelius has an important lesson to share with us


Marcus Aurelius was a Roman Emperor and great leader.

He stated in Marcus Aurelius “The Meditations” that:

Translated this says “Remember how long you already put off these things, and you have neglected it?  It is high time for you to understand the real world that you are a part of and that is that there is but a certain limit of time available to you and if you do not act then that time will pass away and you with it and never return.”

As Mr. Smallwood my fifth grade teacher would say, “A word to the wise is sufficient”.  This means get moving now for time is evaporating all around us and will no longer be available for us to use someday.  If you ever say to yourself, “Someday I will…” then you have effectively said, “I am NOT going to do it.”  You have predetermined your destiny with those few words. 

Marcus Aurelius even had a slave tell him from time to time “You are just a man.” This enabled him to think clearly as a man not a God or an Emperor or someone whose ego was out of control.   Having a good sense of self, of being who you are, not more than and not less than you are and what you want to become keeps you in the right frame of mind. 

Marcus Aurelius goes on to say:

This can be translated to say: “Perform what you should be about with true and unfeigned gravity, natural affection, freedom and justice; so you will have peace of mind.  Whatever you do, go about it as if it is your last action, free from all vanity, free from that which is not normal reason, free of all hypocrisy, free from self-love, and those things which affect you.  Hold on to things that will guide you on a prosperous course.  Living an excellent life is required for nothing more is required of you.

Many celebrities’ egos are out of control thinking “what’s the next big manipulation and what’s that next big control” I can exert on the media in order to put my name out there.  Your name should be out there for one reason only and that is the good that you do, for your excellent accomplishments only and nothing more.  It is not you that should be puffed up, it is not you that is exalted, but what you have achieved stands on its own and is what others see.  It is not really you. 

Be approachable, be thankful for the public, be gracious, and be happy if people throng you for without those throngs you are nothing.  Remember your roots and how those throngs used to not be there, how they came to you one at a time and you were wondrous that they should come to you and seek you out.

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