Books have associations and moods that go with them.

Post date: Nov 10, 2017 8:32:19 PM

Books have associations and moods that go with them.

I have a picture from my childhood. I liked this picture. I like it quite a lot. I thought I have my love of books from this. I do not remember my dad ever reading to me though. Funny that.

Until today I did not know what book my father is reading to me. I looked at children's picture books from this era and found it. The big clue is the boy on the front of the picture book.

This is the book below:

The book is meaningful since shortly before this picture was taken or shortly after this picture was taken my parents were divorced.

The divorce meant me spending my time between them and usually taking a suitcase.

It meant traveling. It meant separation. It meant my family was no longer a family it was two individuals fighting for custody and therefore having more money due to child support or more money for not having to pay child support.

A real tug of war.

A better picture from my childhood that I remember fondly is:

It is a wonderful book and full of delight for a little boy.

Sometimes you have to hold on to the memories that feel good and let the memories that do not feel good or right go.

It can really make a difference in your day.

Moods can be a light into how you feel and at other times they may feel like a weight holding you down.

Get rid of weighty moods, they are too heavy and weigh a ton and do not help you at all.

Thanks for listening, Dear Writers and Dear Readers.