Lucky or not?

Post date: Jun 17, 2015 3:04:04 AM

So if you believe in the luck of the draw or the luck of the Irish or the luck of the rabbit foot then you are in luck. This is the thirteenth post and it is lucky for me. I have 100 people who have checked out this site, from China, Australia, United States, Canada, Germany, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Sweden, Norway, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Columbia and other far flung places of the world. They are probably all hackers checking out my site to see what secrets they can reveal. Well, surprise, the only secret here is that not enough of the right people are accessing this site to become greater writers. Although perhaps they are trying to become greater writers and have traveled afar to get the right inspiration. How far would you go to be inspired, to feel like you've never felt before, to want to try to attain greater heights. Writing a blog gets you really going and makes you find out so many things about how to become better for yourself first and then your audience. Everything you do better be for yourself since if you don't make it the person that gets more enriched than anyone else will be you. I have taught others in training and Sunday School and hundreds of thousands of people and places and I have learned more than any student I have but that is the beauty of teaching and doing and attempting. It is an active voice not passive.

Get off your a** and write something. Not for me, not for your audience, but for only yourself. The others come later and they will come.