Are you stuck?

Post date: Jul 3, 2015 2:20:13 AM

I had two cousins once in the Midwest at the Grandpa's farm (during a family get together-must have been a Sunday afternoon) who went exploring on the farm. They were way off in the back forty and came to a creek (do you pronounce it crik? or creek? interesting) and it was a little too wide so they took off their shoes and waded and one, Barbara, got stuck. Seems it was like quicksand (not life threatening kind, just the she was stuck kind) and another cousin came running back and told the family. The men folk took off to help and the little kids (me) were running behind to see what all the commotion was and then as we kids were catching up; here comes my Dad, carrying the stuck cousin. What a relief! The most poignant part of that moment was I was so proud that it was my Dad that had rescued her, out of all the uncles and men who were there.

It was an amazing feeling, this proud that this man was so strong and swift that he arrived first, assessed the situation; which I did not see but my mind built it up so huge and visual.

That is how you write a story, make it so your readers minds can see it, huge and visual.

You will never be stuck in quicksand if you write like that.