Post date: Sep 3, 2017 6:55:19 PM


Onions, my sister can eat one like some people eat apples.

Strawberries, my brother can’t stand them and won’t eat them.

Melon, I don’t care for the taste or flavor of most melon, and can only eat a bite or two of

watermelon if I’m really thirsty.

Love gravy, but at one time could not stand dips, dressings and would eat chips, veggies, and salads

dry. Now I enjoy more of those. I still do not care for avocado or guacamole or sour cream.

My first Mexican restaurant was a disaster for me. I did not like things being mixed up. I did not

care for onions, peppers, Spanish rice, just liked beans. Salsa was not my thing.

I found out that those flavors led me to a richer world of taste.

I now like peppers, onions and such in my food. I tolerate mushrooms now.

What have you gained in your life through flavors and taste?

What have you lost in your life through the dismissal of flavors and taste?

The same goes for art, music and videos and so much the world has to offer including writing.

Your writing is to your taste and believe me there are others who have your taste. You just have to

find them and they will find you.