Blue Jeans

Post date: Jul 29, 2015 1:33:31 PM

Blue jeans

Aren't they comfortable? You know what to expect when you put them on. The type of look depending on how dark or faded and used. You know exactly what statement you are making fashion wise when you put them on.

I love jeans. Love to wear them. I'm wearing them today, to work.

An author that you know and love and read often can be like a pair of jeans. Once you've worn them in (read a book or two) you kind of know what to expect but still the whole story is unexpected.

This writing by that author fits you now and you look forward to every book they produce and can't wait to buy it and read it. Can't wait for casual Friday to wear your jeans? Neither can I.

I love to read Lee Child (Jack Reacher series), John Sanford (Prey series), John Grisham (about lawyers but he does have some that are not in the vein that are also good), George R. R. Martin (Game of Thrones series) and many others. Those are just a few but they are important to me since I love to read them and can't wait to find another book by each of them.

Dear Writers, your readers are waiting for the books you author. They can't wait to find you, like a pair of fun jeans, that they can keep in their mind to go back to time after time for that thrill that just can't be described but must be worn to appreciate and feel them on you.

Start writing for you, continue writing only for you, your readers will find you, just like they are finding this blog and reading me. Yes, you, Dear Reader, found me. Now someone out there is waiting to find you. So write like there is no tomorrow.