Visiting Grandma

Post date: Aug 4, 2015 1:06:27 PM

Over the river... Well, you know the tune and the place.

Visiting Grandma gives one lots of downtime and talking and reminiscing.

Mine loves to say, "You never know how long I'll be around." Use these opportunities to gather information and make sure you know the family stories that could fade from history if not remembered.

Indians and others passed tribal knowledge down from generation to generation verbally before there was a means and method to write down this history and folklore.

I love to hear the about the old days and things connected to my family and their history. I know, sometimes you've heard these stories over and over, but keep in mind that it is worth it since one day you will hear a story that you have not heard before and it will be worth it.

Dear Writers, treasure those parts of your family that you lived and heard about. Even the painful things can be useful. You know where I'm going with this. These times and places and people will populate your stories, from evil witches and funny uncles, to the bad guy and the protagonist, all will have pieces of those people you love and loved and those you even love to hate (if it even runs that deep).

Dear Writers, use your motivation and your momentum and keep going. Take care and send me your writings for review and comment. Send to ab3ring at juno dot com