Purposeful innovation, easy partnership

posted Jun 24, 2018, 4:33 PM by David Alan Binder

Purposeful innovation, easy partnership

What do these words mean to you?

What does anything mean?  Each word has an agreed upon meaning or meanings according to a dictionary or other reference volume.

If it is a really important word then there are other definitions of it.

Organic is one of those.  The US Food and Drug Administration has a definition for this word and others.  Any policy written by law or government has established definitions.

Established definitions are meaningful for it allows me to use all the words above, but if I use the word “pizzled” then you may ask what does that word mean?  (Pizzled comes from the TV series Electric Dreams based upon a series of short stories by Philip K. Dick.)

There are many words without meanings.  Publicity for industry, pharmaceuticals and others love to create words.

If that word catches on then you know what is meant by saying the word that stands for a brand rather than the generic.

Tissue                  Kleenex

Cotton swab       Q-Tip

And many others.


What does 3G mean?

Instantly in your mind it means faster communication, with significantly gently higher data speeds.

Wrong, it only means third generation of wireless mobile telecommunications technology.

Other than that it means nothing.  There is no way to measure it, there is no standard definition, it means nothing.

Use words that mean something.  Or create words and define them and see if they catch on.

Buzzwords and brand names and if you have to look a word up in a Slang Dictionary you know it is not a real word but a made up one and if enough people agree or it is written down then it becomes meaningful.


It pays to know the difference.


Natural sodium or salt         

What does that mean? 

What is unnatural sodium or salt? 

Is there really such a thing?


If a box says, "NEW" what does that mean?

If a box says, "IMPROVED" what does that mean?  Improved for who?  You the consumer or them the executives?

Think about it.  This most likely is used in packaging to get YOUR mind to think something that is not true or measurable.


This is another think piece by David Alan Binder