A True Artist

Post date: Sep 1, 2015 1:46:03 PM

A True Artist…

A true artist can work in deplorable conditions, during the roughest, most distracting times, and with emotions so raw that your nerves feel exposed.

So we fight to get the right conditions, the right time, the right place, the right emotions and a mood so high that it scrapes the clouds in order to get it exactly right.

There are numerous examples of artists that were able to produce with a few, if not many conditions working against them and they not only survived, but thrived.

The raw power of emotion should be able to be felt whether in a quiet room or with heavy metal in the next room while the artist wears earplugs and can still hear it.

Passion must consume you, raw energy must charge through your body, feel it so deeply that nothing can stop you or it and you forget to eat, sleep, drink you are so overcome with the urge to get it all down.

That is a true artist and Dear Writers that is what you are now. Just keep taking those steps to increase your output, increase every single one of that which propels you to the top.

You do not have to be a jack rabbit sprinting along; you can be a turtle keeping up the pace, not ever stopping (there are exceptions but keep them to a minimum). Keep your streaks alive by continually adding to them an hour or a day at a time.

Be “The Little Engine That Could”.

Let me help, let’s talk about it and see where this leads. Contact me at ab3ring at juno dot com or dalanbinder at gmail dot com