What if something we thought was true, is false?

Post date: Oct 12, 2017 11:07:14 PM

What if something we thought was true, is false?

The negation of the negation has the most negative value.

In essence, it is knowledge of believing something is true that turns out to be false.

Has this ever happened to you?

How did you feel?

When you discovered the real truth, were you somehow freer or just felt better since you now knew the truth.

Humans like to feel everything they know is truth. It is truly upsetting and mind blowing to find out something that you thought was true; suddenly, irrevocably is not true and in fact, is false.

This can be the equivalent of lying to yourself.

Or maybe you just really did not know that truth at one time.

If you felt gut punched, and it takes the breath out of you then that feeling is earth shattering and upending.

However, if after a while, you think, “Oh, well now I really feel better knowing what is really the truth.” Then you are a truth seeker.

I have tried to do this my whole life and have been effective, but very blind at times.

Everyone deserves to have the knowledge, but sometimes the facts are well hidden. Or someone we know kept it from us, or we kept it from ourselves.

Keep searching and keep studying and keep learning. That is the way to eliminate many of the half-truths, the partial truths, the falsehoods out of our life.

You are the keeper of your truth and it can change over time or some aspect may have some light shed on it.

That is alright. You have to acknowledge that sometimes we don’t know or have enough data and we have to make a decision at that time. Later, we can modify or rescind it.

That is the most human of all. Figuring out for yourself and getting your own revelations.

You are your own angel and must pursue what you believe to be the best course at the time for you.

Don’t be too hard on yourself when corrections are found out. It is actually good to have course corrections from time to time. That is how we get better and better. It is a series of events and learning that takes us into better knowledge.

Guess what you will continue to build on the new truths and knowledge and make revisions.

You are smart and intuitive and always looking. That is why you are here, Dear Readers and Dear Writers.

We will continue on this quest together and some days we’ll make great strides, some days we will falter and some days there won’t be much change.

That is okay.

“If we are not here to help each other, then why are we here? David Alan Binder