Are you happy now?

Post date: Jan 2, 2016 5:14:51 PM

Are you happy now?

I mean right now, this moment, as you read this type of now, Dear Writers and Dear Readers?

Jeff Goins wrote this blog called, “The Dark Side of Success and What I’m Changing in the New Year” about writing full time and the goals he achieved and how it affects him.

The thing that I notice about this is he lists the answers to the question “Why am I doing this?” with the following answers:

“Because people expected it and I didn’t want to disappoint them.”

“Because I felt like this is what I had to do to succeed.”

“Because I was too afraid of being ignored or irrelevant to try something new.”

The main reason you are doing something must be, absolutely shall be, BECAUSE IT MAKES ME HAPPY. I mean happy in a right-now kind of way, in an as-you-do-it kind of way. For without that happiness any motivation to do that thing will not bring you happiness; it may bring you other things, like fame, fortune, or what have you but not happiness. Happiness is not a destination; it is a journey and every step of the journey will bring happiness.

I don’t mean happiness in a ethereal, misty kind of way; but a this-is-what-I-like-no-love kind of way. Something that you would not mind doing every day; because if you are a writer very likely you will be writing every day and this grinding and repetitive task is what you will be doing everyday if you want to be a writer.

So get used to it and enjoy it.

Let’s build your enjoyment together, Dear Writers and Dear Readers.

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