You are a Commodity

Post date: Feb 15, 2018 12:36:34 AM

You are a Commodity

Ever since they renamed the Personnel Department to Human Resources, the humanity (if it was ever there) has devolved and it has become even more dehumanized. We (people) are just replaceable resources. Expendables. If you are required to leave, there are more to replace you.

If you are a problem, or have issues, or need too much attention (time off, have situations, even report harassment) you may be replaced with a more compliable model.

Make yourself invaluable, indispensable; make them dependent on your expertise. This seems like a no brainer. There are a lot of factors.

I’ve seen so much favoritism, cronyism, even nepotism. It is rampant. And those favorites, cronies, and family can do no wrong.

Be careful what you say to EVERYONE. Don’t disparage anyone, for you never know whose niece, nephew, friend from same faith will pass along that information. It is a practice to curry favor by telling someone what someone else is saying to ingratiate themselves with the current administration / executives.

This is especially true in government and political institutions.

Watch your back by watching your mouth. A word of advice and keep on writing.

A think piece article by David Alan Binder