Heart beating

Post date: Jun 28, 2015 11:29:59 PM

This website is like a heart beating.

First it was flat-lined. Yep, deader than dead. I was writing into a vacuum, but I kept on writing. Ever since before this website was started, way earlier this year, it was just a wish in my brain which my mind kept working over and working over how to do it.

I've shared along the way some of my trials and tribulations starting this web site and the lessons I've learned. One thing I have learned if you keep breathing into it your life, your desires, your ambitions that it will come around and gasp, choke and yes, even start breathing on its own.

I know going from flat zero on June 7th to 29 on June 8th was an incredible feeling of me giving birth to my ideas and seeing them blossom. Yeah, I know a poor, poor analogy but I am a guy what do I know about giving birth? Yes, I've been there for all four of my wonderful children. But this one was way different since it was conceived and planned and pretty much done all by myself. Yes, I consulted hundreds of web-how-to's and talked with countless people and explored the actions of others but it is NOTHING like getting it off the ground and watching it FLY! What a feeling!

San Diego consists of over 10% of my return visitors. I'd like to thank China and Russia for visiting but I do not have wads of cash or personal information laying around to hack; so please, go see some other site with that information and leave me alone.

This is what the heart beat looks like today and tomorrow I'm looking for another spike like June 21 when 94 people visited my site. How exciting!

So let me tell you, you can do it, too. If I can, anybody can. So make your own website on your own subject and enjoy watching come to life. (Gleefully rubbing hands together with a silly grin.)

Tell me your story at the Contact Us tab. I'd love to read your inspiration and possibly you may list me one day as one of them. Wouldn't that be fantastic? Almost as fantastic as someone listing you as their inspiration.