Blogging is getting easier

Post date: Jul 16, 2015 1:30:40 PM

Blogging is getting easier

The more I do this the easier it gets. I always have ideas percolating in my mind and just waiting to gel and take root and hold. As they germinate I mull them over and then take them for a stroll in a Word document to see how they look.

After I write them down then I read them out loud (Dear Writers, you remember that technique, if not, then check out my blog posts until you find it and read it. It will help you, I guarantee it or your money back, LOL) After reading them out loud I edit and correct and reword and see how it sounds again.

By about the third time it starts to come together. Sometimes they have to be rewritten about 5 or 6 times and rarely do they come out right the first or second time.

Sometimes I write down the germ of an idea or part of an idea and then don’t like it or where it is going and throw it away.

Dear Writers, you too will do the same and more with your writing. Get used to it and develop your process. Once you do, you will find that it gets easier and easier.

I guarantee it!!