Post date: Dec 5, 2017 1:07:23 AM


You have a secret. Do you think you are the only one?

We all have secrets.

Incest, lust, greed, thievery, misuse, abuse, sins, withdrawal, depression and murder.

Yeah, we’ve heard it all and you have nothing secret that we have not already heard.

Use your secrets to work out what is bothering you, what is perplexing you, what stymies you. Propel yourself above that using your characters to obliterate or at least cope with those secrets.

That is what books are for. To explore worlds some of us may not ever go to and taste things never tasted and felt. For others it is a release or at least a relief that others are going through what we are going or have gone through.

Got secrets?!?

Bring them on, Dear Writers and Dear Readers!