It's all about you...

Post date: Jul 5, 2015 3:32:33 PM

Here you are allowed to be a bit narcissistic. Here it is all about you, dear writers. You are gathering essentials, supplies, resources to allow you to be you and free your mind and body and become one with the keyboard, pen, pencil, whatever medium you use to communicate. Feel free to insert your favorite method of artistry anywhere I write writer one could easily insert painter, sculptor, poet, baker even, to take your artistry to the next level and become who you were intended to become.

Who gave you this calling (for indeed, it is a calling since it seems like it chooses you rather than you choosing it)?

Elohim, Allah, the Great One or Spirit or you inner child, or that mystical someone that seems to take a presence and affirmation in your life that you can reach out to on a level like no other. For you atheists out there you can call it Mother Earth, Father Time, or just you basic instinct or gut reaction to what you have a feeling that drives or guides you.

Writers are a driven group. It comes from within us and has to be let out. Sometimes I feel like the passenger and it is the driver and I'm like, "Well, where are we going today?" It navigates, it steers, it chooses the path and road and I am along for the ride. I believe the best writing just flows with instinct, not rules.

The rules destroy your uniqueness and we all must celebrate our uniqueness and that makes us truly special.

Dear writers, you are extremely gifted, challenged (to get that next word, paragraph, line, page, story) out of you and onto the page. Just let it out.

Later we get to the rewrite and honing and sculpting and crafting it from the words you spectacularly took the time and effort to come up with and make sense of them. Add the punctuation and the subtlety and the appeal to translate it from you understanding (code, if you will) into that which others will make sense of and be able to translate from your mind into theirs.