Teacup Fishing

Post date: Jan 16, 2018 11:33:33 PM

Teacup Fishing

Are you Teacup Fishing?

What is that? It is a limiter that you put upon yourself and thus, it defines you and hinders your progress.

There is an artwork in hand-embroidered wool on jute fabric by Ruth Miller that depicts this.


It depicts a girl in a small boat, with her fishing line extending down into a teacup in the bottom of the boat while the girl is reading.

Essentially, the girl will catch no fish due to where she is fishing. The line is in the teacup instead of the body of water outside the small boat.

Ruth Miller has this to say about the artwork, “In Miller's words, it's a metaphor for how people often come to the conclusion they cannot have the beauty or success other people find. When this happens, they choose to distract themselves from the pain of "not having" with things like vapid entertainment or busywork. "We seek and accept less, thus limiting our own good fortune," says Miller. "We have only to keep trying—in the right location—and stay alert for opportunities."

The distraction is an exceptionally painful reminder to all of us, even me, that the time we spend is our time to spend. Careful on what we squander that precious resource and commodity on. It is possible that this will make you into the next version of you, or keep you at the status quo with no progress.

An endless churn of activity with social media results in no rewards other than, useless information, envy, depression due to angst or anxiety for what you have or do not have.

In 2018, I chose to spend my time productively.

Dear Writers and Dear Readers, please join me in that productivity increase in your own behalf.

The main person that benefits from your productivity increase is YOU!

So do it for you, no one else.