Post date: Aug 19, 2015 1:36:05 PM


I like chocolate. Dark chocolate is my favorite. I am not using this to make you hungry (although you may take it that way, it really was not my intent) so override that feeling and let me explore this analogy.

There are many types and flavors of chocolate from white, to candy bar type or to what I call dumbed down for mass consumption, then there is dark chocolate and all chocolates come in so many grades. The content of butter fat typically drives the price and quality. Ingredients are the big factor, Dear Writers, ingredients. Put quality in and demand and price go way up.

Similarly, with your writing the more quality you put in the better demand and price will you control and have your readers eating out of your hand, literally.

Ask Stephen King or John Grisham, William Shakespeare, Agatha Christie, Danielle Steel, etc. they know what their readers want and give / gave it to them time after time. Quality read with quality ingredients.

Become a chef and keep expanding and practicing your craft and know your ingredients and how each affects the flavor of the other ingredients and you will have a best seller. If not you will still sell and that is the best of all. Selling yourself, Dear Writers, never sell yourself short, your readers will create the demand for your type of chocolate, just add the right ingredients and they will come.

My wife recently became a life coach for an acquaintance. Similarly it gave me the idea to become a write coach. Someone that goes further than an editor, someone that is like a trainer, being with you there all the way.

So let's have some fun together and let me Write Coach for you!

dalanbinder at gmail dot com or ab3ring at juno dot com