Tips for becoming a successful eBook author

posted Dec 23, 2015, 6:20 AM by David Alan Binder   [ updated May 16, 2016, 6:45 AM ]

Tips for becoming a successful eBook author

 In an article in the Huffington Post on “Tips for becoming a successful E-book author” it addresses the changing world of publishing.

See the original article here at the Huffington Post link:

It also states that the same level of professionalism and attention that is required of regular or traditional publishing is also required of digital publishing.  The grammar, the spacing and the spelling are just as important for both mediums.

Be sure and have more than one person proof your book or article.  My wife regularly peruses my work and I am grateful for her insights and corrections.  Many times there are little errors that I do not see since as I am reading it my mind self corrects it without me even noticing it.  Also, reading your book or article aloud eliminates your self-correcting and lets you hear odd phrasing and even mistakes.

Use painstaking research ensuring a quality read.  Use resources for formatting instruction, guides, how to use various e-platforms, services with a fresh approach, pages of instructions, articles and tips for how to write e-books. 

Cover designs and art are important to appeal as well as any pictures or art or figures included to illustrate dynamically your points and back up your point with statistics.

Do not be afraid of getting professional help from your writing club, personal friends who are well read and educated or not, other authors you have met or even contact some online.  Some of my best friends now I met online by visiting their website and contacting them and interfacing with them. 

Generally eBooks or digital books have lower prices since it can cost less to produce, chapbooks I am finding are popular for those who want small hard copies of what they have written but I suspect they are costly.

Keep in mind that it is also possible to make your book written for hard copy able to be published digitally (if you own the rights) and vice versa for taking digital books and making them into hard copy eventually.

Be sure to find your own genre or niche and be creative.

Happy publishing, this goes for whichever format you chose to publish or both.

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