What box are you in?

Post date: Jul 18, 2015 7:45:32 PM

What box are you in? (Please, ignore the stranded preposition; which may or may not be correct. See an excellent treatise on the subject: http://blog.oxforddictionaries.com/2011/11/grammar-myths-prepositions/)

At any rate, answer the question.

Yes, we all put ourselves in neat little boxes in a row and those boxes are called judgement and in some cases pre-judgement. We all do it and are especially hard on ourselves of all people. I try to not only make you think about writing but about life in general and give you something else to gnaw on while you are digesting the writing aspect of this content.

Think about how you operate and about how you think. Think about how others operate and about how they think, too. This gives you insight into humanity in general and every one of us do not think a like and come to the table with predispositions and judgments and flaws which make each of us interesting and gives each of us different aspects. Likewise your characters should be a reflection of real life and real people while many of them remain fiction, their traits, character, aura and actions each are unique and mirror real people that you know, love and maybe dislike.

This breathes life into them. It does not hurt to be introspective of yourself and others around you in this process and maybe it will not only benefit you in your writing but can carry over into your personal life and situation and how you deal with each of the characters (friends, family, acquaintances, etc.) that you encounter in real life.

The most important thing we do while we write is learn about us, about what we have been through and dealt with and how we may react or act in the future to similar situations.

A truly out of the box experience, Dear Writers, as well as eye opening at the least.