Pluto Flyby

Post date: Jul 17, 2015 2:37:24 PM

Pluto Flyby

July 14, 2015 is a historic moment in space history. The very first ever, unmanned space craft made by humans performed a fly by Pluto. I remember seeing Sputnik in the sky as a boy (eons ago I assure you) but that was also historic. In grade school we saw the first human in space launch. I remember man walking on the moon another historic moment.

How do these historic space moments affect you? It may give you ideas; grandiose and stupendous, imaginative ideas for your first ever novel that is greater than Star Trek or Star Wars (insert whatever space movie or novel here) that will capture readers minds, eyes and hearts.

Jupiter and Venus recently had an aligning (visually at least) and I saw that moment in the sky and showed my wife and found out later what exactly was happening. You may see something historic and not recognize it at the time but later find out that it is a moment that you know will pivot a plot in such a way that no one else has before.

Dear Writers, be historic, capture those moments of imagination and always be on the lookout for them for they will affect your life and in turn your readers lives.