Really? I had to look that up.

Post date: Jun 24, 2015 1:35:41 PM

Google can settle a lot of arguments or verify statistics or confirm what you know or thought you knew or it can inform you or it can debase you.

It only brings up the genre that you type it and it retrieves like a good old dog.

You throw it junk and it will junk back at you. You throw it good stuff and the light and knowledge will pour out of the screen right at you.

It is a lot like eating and what you put into your body. You pay for it good or you pay for it bad; it is all up to you.

So now we have so many choices; what is your choice?

What will you look up today? What will you research? What will you learn about?

Here's to good eating and good seeing!

Oh, by the way, take some of that enlightenment and share it with us. You can keep the rest.