Author A’shyia Swensen said, “Yes” when the answer was really, “No.”

Post date: Dec 21, 2015 2:31:30 PM

Author A’shyia Swensen said, “Yes” when the answer was really, “No.”

Children’s book author A’shyia Swensen who after publishing “The Magic Boy” became a cartoonist. A publisher in New York asked if he had thought about writing children’s books instead of being a cartoonist, he said, “Yes.” Even though the answer was a lie and he should have said, “No.”

Full article is here on Lebanon Express:

Sometimes life is as much about what is suggested as what you think you are. Later he wrote a book titled, “The Teacher from the Black Lagoon” which was suggested by the movie at the time named, “The Creature from the Black Lagoon”. That suggestion in his mind only gave him a title then he went from there.

Sometimes our stories are suggestions, inspirations, a quip here or a quote there. Some of my best articles have been from each of these rich ore veins and they are all extremely minable and produce rich ore. Mining your talents and knowing where to look and sometimes being lucky in “striking it rich” is rewarding but mostly fun and motivating. I realize most likely will never get rich from writing but that is not the point. The point is writing interesting articles and reaching you, Dear Writers and Dear Readers, in ways that you may not have ever been reached before. The research alone if invaluable to me and gives me a well of depth than any other kind of work maybe could produce. Do what you do for the love of it and anything else that comes from it will be icing on the cake, gravy on the potatoes, or ore from the motherlode.

What you get out of it is way more important than what anyone else gets out of it. You are in this for you and you alone and the stretching and reaching and using the resources and resourcefulness that you have is so motivating and so compelling that you cannot stop and will not stop, you couldn’t stop even if you wanted to. It must be that compelling. I know I have found a lifelong profession in writing and look forward to performing it day in and day out every day. It means that much to me.

Self-motivation is an excellent reason to develop your craft of whatever you do. A drudgery task will be dull and ordinary; however, anything that you love to do is most extraordinary.

Let’s turn your life from drudgery into magic and momentous moments. Imagine living each and every day mining from that vein!

If you are an author with a published book or a band with or without a book or an up and coming celebrity and want to garner following or get your message out there then I’d like to interview you and feature you and your book(s) or message on this web site in one of my blogs.

A word to the wise is sufficient, right, Dear Writers and Dear Readers?

I would love to help you, Dear Writers; at the same time you will be helping me be a better coach and editor.

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