From Survivor to Thriver

Post date: Aug 7, 2018 10:31:15 PM

From Survivor to Thriver

I promised you a sequel to this article entitled “Are you a Survivor”:

After I think about it though surviving is NOT enough. It is NOT acceptable. It is NOT who I am or what I am about.

I will thrive!

I will flourish, prosper, burgeon, bloom, blossom, and advance and succeed!

I believe that this attitude coupled with the acknowledgement that the steps I take in study, perfecting my writing and my articles, my pursuit of

education and information and all the channels that I monitor to ensure that each “snippet of information” brings about greater transformation and

change within me.

For me it is about my life not just writing. If I can figure out, learn or hear of a better way of doing any of the things that I am currently doing then

I adopt that way that will help me achieve my goals and dreams faster, quicker and with less resistance then that is an excellent achievement.

It is thriving.

This is another Think Piece by David Alan Binder.

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