One and Done

Post date: Jul 12, 2018 12:21:48 PM

One and Done

How do you write a book in a one and done type of scenario?

You can’t!

How many drafts does it take?

Tens, dozens, hundreds?

A lot, a way to phrase this is as many as it takes to get it right.

(Then you will fret and agonize that it wasn’t done right if it doesn’t sell a million copies or it does not get on the bestseller list somewhere.)

This is NOT why you wrote the book-at least- it should not be why you write. This is not about selling, this is not about getting on a list or earning rewards or attention or accolades or titles.

Writing is all about what is on the inside. The inside of you that is expressing itself and trying to get on the outside down on a piece of paper or digitally.

The inner person who you satisfy ultimately is yourself. Not the editor, not the publisher, not your family, not the reader, only you. If you can satisfy yourself then you can move on and satisfy the editor, then the publisher.

Then you are that single book, written down and waiting to be read, it is finally that single one and done.

Then you start another…