Literary Awards

Post date: Sep 8, 2015 1:54:19 PM

Literary Awards

I did mention in my previous post on Winning Contests, Literary Awards but they deserve further exploration and I believe they have a high probability of being a conduit to legitimacy.

There are literally hundreds to thousands of them; some more prestigious than others but if you are given one of them, take it!

Here is a list on a website and it also lists the number of books associated with each award (some have hundreds of books, down to only one book).

Almost 347 pages of awards with about 30 awards per page equals about 10,410 total different literary awards. (I say about in case my count is off, but you get the picture.)

It is up to you to investigate if something you have written will meet their criteria or if you will have to write a new manuscript. Plus, some I am sure it involves a nomination process, a review process, time constraints, etc. so it is incumbent upon you to figure it all out. Just what you needed eh? More homework, but it looks like it would be worthwhile as well.

Have fun.

As usual, any comments, suggestions, or even submissions for my award. (wink, wink, maybe I’ll develop one, the David Alan Binder award and I get to go to the top of that list the first year it comes out!) Or comments just email me at ab3ring at juno dot com or dalanbinder at gmail dot com