11-Links to GURUS to free your mind and soul in order to write

Richard Grannon, The Spartan Life Coach 
An NLP Master Practitioner and Motivational Speaker he offers Coaching and Seminars.
An extremely well spoken, simple straightforward explanations on various topics.  Highly recommended.  
He can define and help you cope with CPTSD (complex PTSD) which a majority of us have been through even non-veterans.
Check out the Core Values exercise for insight into yourself: http://spartanlifecoach.com/core-values

Coach Corey Wayne YouTube videos on Relationships and Life Coaching (the wife and I listen to him all the time)
Straight talking right from the hip (at first glance this may seem like a pickup artist type teacher for men but his depth goes way deeper)

Lisa A. Romano, ACoA 
This gal knows her stuff and hits the heart and mind with her message and how you can get better.  
She also thinks highly of herself which sometimes may be distracting or distressing.

Dr. Bruce Lipton
Epigenetics | Power of Subconscious Mind

Seth Godin, a master of words and craft.
Read his blog for enlightenment.

Meredith Miller - Inner Integration

Chaz Ellis Project He's a man with a plan for you.
What's sup?  What's sup?  What's sup?  This is yo man, Chaz Ellis.  Peace out.

Elliott Hulse "Yo Elliott!"
Two different colored eyes and a mouthful of charm.  He can rock your world with advice that is sound and practical.

Psychopath Free
Frank advice and an extremely good site to fight Psychopaths, Narcissists and Manipulators
One of the best articles is: Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about Relationships with Psychopaths & Narcissists

Trent Hawley
A recovering person from a narcissist.  Listen to his story and understand it from a common man's perspective.


Dianna Iannarone
She has lived it and overcome it.

Anthony "Tony" Robbins
Another Life Coach, but extremely practical advice.  "Can I get an AYE?"

James who discusses Narcissism

Leo Gura, of actualized dot org

Austin Dobson wrote a beautiful poem that is so profound and well written it almost makes you cry.  It is called, "Before Sedan"  You have got to read it even if you don't like poetry you will love this one.



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