If you are not writing, then what are you doing?

Post date: Jun 6, 2017 11:26:59 PM

If you are not writing, then what are you doing?

“The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of communication with yourself and others.” This is my take on an old adage that is always worth noting.

You also need to ask yourself that question (among others), my Dear Writers and Dear Readers.

When I am not writing this is what I’m doing:

· My default is always writing or thinking about writing. I have to say this up front due to the fact that even when I am not writing this is what I’m doing.

· I read other authors, a slew of them.

· I read / listen to Story Grid with Tim Grahl and Sean Coyne. (I’ve actually listened to each and every podcast and have learned TONS!)

· I’m subscribed to Brain Pickings and read / skim each and every issue. It is more cerebral and unique approach to writing and covers a gauntlet of genres. It features authors from past generations as well is ones alive today.

· I subscribed to Robert McKee; even before I had an interview with him. I listen and read every one of his issues. What does screenwriting have to do with writing? Simple, it is writing; just for a different medium and there is lots to learn that transfers over from TV, movies to books and literature.

· I send out TONS of emails and contact authors every week requesting interviews with them. I love to read at these masters’ feet. They have learned so much and I glean everything they have to offer. I also publish those interviews for you, Dear Writers and Dear Readers.

· I am subscribed to ScreenCraft. This is another good resource.

· I listen / read Beer Magazine and everything it has to offer. Another style of writing, but a topic in which I have much interest.

· I am subscribed to Jeff Goins, whose great saying: “You are a writer; then write!” propelled me into starting and doing what I do.


(I still need to do more, in spite of all the distractions that take me away from writing there are things that help me to focus more.)

· I will blog more. (I am not “shoulding” myself at all. I simply state what I need to do and commit.)

· Find an agent and / or publisher for my first book (a children’s picture book).

· My wife and I have transcribed YouTube videos into Word documents and I am contacting people for more of this type of work.


· Limit Facebooking period.

· Less music and more active meditation to boost my productivity. (I recommend Insight Timer app. I use it for sleeping, awaking. Also, for mid-morning and afternoon pick-me-ups.

· Keep research focused. Meaning stop Googling so much. Do not stray to soaking up irrelevant information. It is difficult to determine what is and is not relevant since what may not currently be relevant, may tomorrow be relevant.

This is by no means an all-inclusive list; but it may help you as well.

Happy doing!

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(Don’t be a don’t bee!)