Vacation, ahhh....NOT!

Post date: Jul 3, 2015 2:25:57 AM

As a writer, you may go on vacation (I currently near a beach in California); which, don't get me wrong is fun and exciting and relaxing; however, writer's don't get to vacation completely. There are always be ideas flooding through their brain that they make notes of and later continue their work while others are playing and writers watch or listen while they work.

That comes with the territory; it's a very excellent territory, for I love it. I love the ideas that come to my mind, I love that I'm always thinking and working it out and have ideas on the back burner so to speak, just waiting to come to fruition. Lovely feeling, that.

Get used to it and enjoy it. I actually am and do not feel the least bit slighted or shorted at all.

Be a writer and this is your territory to stick your stakes into and claim and make it yours.