Limitations or opportunities?

Post date: Jul 15, 2015 2:23:57 AM

Limitations or opportunities?

A quote that I wrote:

"The hardest thing about life is accepting your limitations, work with what you have and don't worry about what you don't have." David Alan Binder

Yes, more on this theme, for it is indeed profound.

There is yet another way of looking at this and that is; are they really limitations or opportunities?

I do not have a million dollars that I need; however, I have the opportunity to think, make a plan, work at it and perhaps make headway towards having that million dollars. There are opportunities and new products and the next big thing; all you need is time, effort and positivism on your side to make huge dents and maybe even exceed those goals.

So you opportunity is to make “IT” happen, whatever “IT” is for you. Use your gray matter to make the grey area clearer. (By the way grey or gray refer to the color gray; it seems that the grey is more common in UK, while gray is more common in the US.)

I’m going to repeat that: Use your gray matter to make the grey area clearer. Use your gray matter to clear up those areas that are eluding you now and that are holding you back; that are NOT obstacles but opportunities.

Dear Writers, you too, can overcome those pesky doubts, fears and hesitations by ACTING on those things that will erase them.