Reinventing your career

Post date: Jan 3, 2016 5:00:21 PM

Reinventing your career

Many people in the U.S. are self-employed. According to an article written by Jeff Goins for Fast Company, that number is more than 15 million and growing in an article titled, “Three ways to reinvent your career for the new economy”.

He further states that one must “plan for changes (including ones you can’t plan for).

If you look at my “About the Writer” tab you will find that I’ve had 12 different careers at about 20 different companies if you go way back to the beginning. I even worked for myself first as a lawn mower then later in life as a consultant and now as a writer.

Jeff continues, “Play like you work”, put as much effort into taking breaks as you do working. This is a careful balance for many people. Currently jobs / careers are so demanding there are many that have their office extension in lap tops and cell phones that they can be always on the job. Be careful of giving more than you are getting. It must be a balance.

The third thing that Jeff states is, “Never stop learning”; this means constant improvement. As a writer, you live this saying, you breathe this saying and you do this saying; every day or you die. If you are not reinventing and improving yourself then your career is dying before you even start. Reinvent, repurpose, changing and evolving old skills into new, and making yourself more relevant every day are things you must do to survive in this new world economy. Otherwise you are easily outsourced, sub-contracted, and replaced with cheaper labor.

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