Post date: Dec 9, 2015 2:25:45 PM


This is my proclamation! Terrorists will not rule or limit my life, EVER! I live in Southern California and what those people did in San Bernardino is despicable and uncalled for and is not sanctioned by any God, Allah or other spiritual being. IT IS TOTALLY, UNQUALIFIED PURE EVIL.

The killing of innocents is NEVER justified.

If we need to travel then we will travel. We will go to holidays parties (in fact we did last Friday night and had a great time). We went shopping this weekend on Saturday as we sometimes do and worked in my yard and on my holiday lights on the house. We are not going to stop living our life or stay home or let them influence us in any way, shape or form.

Let them do what they have to do and we will do what we have to do. To hunker in cowardice is not our style. To crouch down and shrink is not our style. If there were ever a terrorist event going on around us then we will do whatever it takes to stop it, since they are bent on killing regardless so why not die trying to stop them rather than just sit there.

This is the attitude all citizens of the world will take and not bow down to THEM, EVER. If they insist that there is a God and want us to acknowledge it then WE WILL NOT! If they insist that there is NOT a God and want us to acknowledge it then WE WILL NOT! We are the antithesis of them. We are the opposite of them. We will not kowtow to them. We will not bow down to them. We will stand up and fight against them that want to do any innocents harm.

Let’s write about it and get the word out and make a movement to stand up for what is right and good.

Let’s do a project together, Dear Writers, Dear Readers, Dear Authors and Dear Bands!

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