Post date: Feb 18, 2018 4:25:44 PM


Adding value to whatever process, idea, incrementally earns.

By earning, meaning a gain, a plus, a garnish on the side that we would not have had otherwise.

So, your ideas are compounded by the words you add to them. By the way you use them and arrange them.

Another value to examine is how does this help others. Helping others adds value. My saying, “If we are not here to help each other, then what are we here for?”

Many people think, “If am not here to help myself then, what am I here for.” This is detrimental if one thinks from an “ucentric” (coined word meaning you-centric) perspective.

It is NOT all about you! It is about everyone and the common good the correlation is if we help each other then we are uncommonly helping ourselves in the process. It may not be readily apparent at the time. But like they say, “What goes around comes around.”

I believe in Karma, or deity or Mother Nature or father time or the universe, or whatever you want to call your higher power; there is a force out there that that works within and without us.

It operates on its own initiative and it helps, hinders or hurts those who align or misalign with it.

Misalign is a good word. Just like a wobbly tire, it drags down not only that immediate object but the rest of the machine is hindered and worn down with it. Tie rods, tires, axles, and the connecting hardware plus the engine can also be affected since it and other systems may be working harder to compensate.

One person out of alignment means we all have to work harder to compensate and eventually the one out of alignment suffers most. Yeah, sometimes it is not soon enough. Usually, never soon enough. But it will eventually.

Value being inclusive not exclusive. What only helps the 1%, or 10% or the a certain strata helps no one ultimately. Trickle down or up or any direction is “trick” economics. Leadership is top down; ground swell is bottom up. Together both forces can unify not divide.

Dear Readers and Dear Writers, come together, unify, work for the common good. Look for your compensation in the “good feelings” and the positive attitude that you reap as your reward. Anything else is “gravy” or “icing” on top of your biscuit or cake.

Yum let us all savor it.