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An interesting tidbit – NEWS is an acronym for Nothing Ever Worth Watching. If you are like me then watching the news can be a waste of time. It is distracting from what is really going on that is worthwhile. I like uplifting things and the news can be composed of PR,

Hype, Squabbles, Killings and OMG moments.

I know for sure I have watched something that the news touted as news that was just a Press Release by (insert your favorite fast food or extremely large chain store here) and was verbatim and definitely NOT worth repeating, NOT news but more of a commercial, and a complete waste of time.

I do not need to hear about the latest killing, mugging, bombing or atrocity since it can put one it a gloomy mood and possibly lead to the distrust of society in general. Yes, my guard is up; however, basically human beings are mostly good and not in it to hurt me directly I have found and so I do not worry about getting killed, mugged, bombed or being involved in an atrocity, ever. Look at the odds and the worst odds are getting cancer.

That is an atrocity in itself.

So I tend to focus on NOT watching the news or even really looking at it unless it is in my face (at a restaurant or hotel breakfast area); sometimes it can be hard to avoid.

At home I do not watch TV, ever. We stream the content we want to watch and avoid commercials and other annoyances like that.

This, Dear Writers, gives me more time to devote to you and to writing. The winners are us.

So contact me at ab3ring at juno dot com or dalanbinder at gmail dot com

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