Struggling Writer (Part 1)

posted Oct 5, 2017, 3:11 PM by David Alan Binder

Struggling Writer (Part 1)

Think about that phrase, “Struggling Writer”.


Why is the writer struggling?

          Not enough time?

          Not a good story idea?

           Character that doesn’t fit?

          Some scenes that need revision?

          Can’t find an agent?

          Can’t find a publisher?

          Too many other demands?

          Too many family interruptions?

          Computer distractions?

          Can’t find pen or pencil and paper?

          Doesn’t know enough and maybe needs more writing classes?

                   (Secondary question): What kind of classes would help?

          Computer issues?

                   Are you spending too much time researching?

          Some elements of the story have issues?

          Bogged down?

          Not enough data for story?

          Needs more realism?

          Not enough description?

          Too much description?

          Not enough atmosphere?


Dear Writers and Dear Readers.  This list of questions help the writer.  If you can’t figure out what you are stuck on then you can’t 

figure out what to do.  If you can’t figure out where the issues are then you can’t fix the issues.  If you have nothing written then you 

have nothing to ruminate on, and therefore don’t know anything in order to move forward.

Writing has so many aspects to it and has so much depth there it seems logical that there should always be something to do.  Right?  

Maybe not. 

Enjoy the journey of writing.  Enjoy each paragraph, word, and punctuation mark.  You are being creative.  You are doing a very 

intense thing that takes time.  Enjoy that time.  Soak up that atmosphere.

Relish the skill and craft of what you are doing.  If the whole process is a chore then you are not a writer.  If a part of the process is a 

chore then that is okay.  Aspects of writing may not be enjoyable at the time.  When you finish that aspect then you have a sense of 

accomplishment and can look back and say, “Now I have really done something fantastic!”  Be positive.  You may feel drained.  It is 

emotional work, because you are pouring yourself into it and feeling what your characters feel, which is part of the reason why you 

are a writer.

Breaking down and examine what you are doing helps.  You are not struggling you are just being a writer.  Do you think any of us do 

this effortlessly?  Do you think other writers just snap something out in a few days or hours?  NO!  None of us do.  Anyone that tells 

you that, is lying.  We all have moments of despair, doubt, fear, uncertainty, wishy-washy-ness, unhappiness with what’s just 


All that is telling you that there just may be something there.  It may need revision or completely rewritten or just get another 

opinion.  If you are stuck then there is a reason for that.  You may have the story headed in the wrong direction. 

You can figure this out.  You can do this.  You are a writer.  You should be having all these feelings and more.  It is because you are a 

writer.  It comes with the territory.  It is real. 

Enjoy this process.  I do.  I just get into this so much that I CAN’T NOT BE A WRITER!

A writer does not struggle.  There are aspects of writing that we all struggle with, but overall enjoy being a writer.  Heck, enjoy being 

stuck.  If you enjoy it, you will persist, you will get through it, and that is all part of the euphoria of writing.

If you are intent and have purpose, someone can come to you to talk with you and you may not notice someone is there for a few 

minutes.  That intensity will shine in your writing and that is NOT struggling.  That is shining.  So go shine.