Changing reality

Post date: Jun 21, 2015 4:54:42 PM

Happy Fathers day to all of you people. This post is not about fathers it is about changing reality. Surely sometime in your youth you thought certain things were a hard and immutable fact and later found out that those things were not true at all. Shooting stars for instance; your parents, siblings, friends or someone told you that when you saw that streak across the sky it was a shooting star when in fact you later found out that it was just a rock entering the atmosphere and burning up. The concept changed your reality changed. Your reality can be matrix like and you are programmed by the people you grow up with of certain concepts and that was your reality. As your reality changes and your perspective changes then that reality changes and your programming has been upgraded (that is be for the better or for the worse it is so dependent upon you and the stages of your life and what you are going through at the time). If you had a good mother your reality of women at that time was that they are nice. If later you married and your wife cheated on you and there was a bitter divorce then your reality may be at that time that women are inherently bad. Later you meet a woman and decide to marry her or live with her and you have a good relationship then your reality may change again to meet those circumstances.

Reality is your perceptions, cognition's and concepts at that particular time. Once I started writing I loved it and keep all my writings. Later in life (about 20 years later) when I had been dragging that box of writings around with me from house to house I thought why am I carrying all this useless stuff with me and tossed that box. Worst thing I have ever done was to intentionally chuck an important part of my life but I did it based upon my reality at that time. Sometimes your reality helps you and sometimes it hurts you but it is your reality and not someone else's and that is important. Those phases of your life make you you. Each upgrade to your reality is important. Capitalize on those things that make you you. And what makes you unique. Your style, your precepts and your outlook are what make you unique; never give those up. Keep being unique but do not be so unique that you can not change with your current reality.

Make those changes and stay strong that they are the right thing for you at that time and later they may change but that is alright.

Write like you mean it! Write like you may die in the next year. Write so you tell someone about your reality and maybe it will strike a chord within them as it does you and change their reality or enlighten them.

We can all use enlightenment. Write on!