Post date: Jul 10, 2015 1:28:56 PM

We've been watching one of our favorite You Tube people who give advice on relationships. He is down to earth and almost always spot on. At one time about a month or so ago he said he had 1700 videos. He did that by shooting one video at a time folks.

It is no freak accident when you get from Point A to Point B, it is a simple matter of putting one foot in front of the other and if you are cognizant of where you are going you get to where you planned to go by taking the right steps.

My plan for this web site was similar. Just start and plan and make it happen. I went from one tab to 5 to over 20. Then I started my blog, one at a time and here I am at 57 of them. One at a time. You too, Dear Writers, may write your book, novel, paper, or whatever the same way, one page at a time. At first just get the words down in a semblance of order, then proofread and rewrite and even send them to me and I will review them for accuracy and all the fine tuning to help you get from nowhere to somewhere.

Every individual does it the same way. Your journey may be by speedboat, that is, relatively fast or you may take a rowboat, relatively slow, but as long as you are going; that is the point. Just go.

Love to see your work, send it to me for my private review.