posted Dec 3, 2017, 4:12 PM by David Alan Binder


Gasping for air.  Trying to inhale but something is stopping us.  Is this a nightmare?  Is this for real?


A plastic bag, a garrote, a hand, a pillow, under water?


What is suffocating you?  It may not be literal but if something is suffocating your creativity then changes will need to be made to break through and achieve creative air.


New stimulation or more caffeine may not be of help, but new insight from another person. 

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There are ways to break through that suffocation, less TV, more reading, more studying, more understanding through meditation, or just some distance, a walk, another day.


Don’t choke yourself by overthinking it.  And of course, let me help.  I don’t criticize, I don’t blame, I don’t find fault, I just look at the issues and we tackle them together.  Your choice.


Good luck, Dear Writers and Dear Readers