You are divine…

Post date: Sep 15, 2017 10:17:32 PM

You are divine…

You are made of the same elements as stars, planets, moons and suns.

You share the same chemicals, elements, atoms, cells as everything that makes up the solar system and the whole universe.

You are wonderful. It does not matter that I tell you this, Dear Readers and Dear Writers, what matters is that you believe it.

In your heart, in your mind, all of you have to believe this, yourselves. Your mom, your dad, your family, anyone else does not have

the impact that you do on yourself.

Think about that. You have the greatest impact on you, yet sometimes we seem to take all that for granted and say, well, I’m okay or

good or sometimes great.

That is not the same. This is not an egoic (Eckhart Tolle uses this word in this video:

This is not based upon ego or narcissism (and there are healthy forms of narcissism, it is not all evil).

The love of yourself, helps you to transcend yourself and go above and beyond.

To be connected to yourself is a truly great gift only you can give yourself.

Reflect on it. If you can’t do it right now, then say, “I’m beginning to believe I am wonderful” “I am beginning to believe that I am


That is the start, now you are beginning.