Logical Fallacies

Post date: Jan 24, 2018 1:12:15 AM

Logical Fallacies

– Prejudice (in many cases) is prejudgment.

– There are good prejudices and bad ones, too. If I have had a run in with someone that is nefarious then I have a set of preconditions towards nefarious people and the next time I am in the area of a nefarious person, I may have alarms in my head going off. Sure enough, maybe just a few moves by this person that I “think” is nefarious has set off those alarms before they even did something nefarious. Yes, you have preconditioned yourself to be aware and something alerted you. This is prejudice. It kicks in before you are even aware of it. And this may be a good one.

– Take off your glasses and you can’t see, take off the lenses through which you see and experience the world and you cease to be you or do you?

– Your glasses came from your parents, teachers and surrounding loved ones. That’s right your “glasses or lenses” are the filters your friends, teachers and parents put in your head so you interpret the world like they do. Everyone does it. “Hey, look at that.” “It means this.” And furthermore if you don’t think it means this then you are not fitting in to our vision of the world.” These people raised you and taught (or did not teach in some cases) and befriended you and then try to control everything you know and how you think about it. It may or may not be subtle. They insinuate that if they were wrong then you are wrong. Or in another context, their biases may now be your biases. If they eat a certain way (say Vegan), you will probably be Vegan, if they are a certain religion (say Jewish or Christian or Baptist or Muslim), then you will probably be what religion or belief they are. You did not study the best diet or religion and decide for yourself what you wanted to be, you just became what they are or were. Later in life you made your choices for whatever reason (sometimes for this reason alone; if they were this then I will be that – my Mom was a hoarder, so I decided early that I would not be one). (Or your dad was a carpenter and made furniture in the garage and always had stain on his hands and sawdust on his clothes, so you in your infinite wisdom decided I don’t like stain on my hands and the smell of sawdust, so I will do something that takes me away from those memories. It was neither good or bad, just an executive decision.)

– As an aside, remember when you were driving and someone riding with you had definite ways of getting from point A to point B and insisted which direction you were to drive even though you were in control of the vehicle? Yeah, I’ve been there and done that with my father-in-law, he was the expert and by God, you had better go the way he wanted. The force of the personalities involved determine who followed whose instructions or if you did what you wanted and did not follow them. An interesting observation on whether you are a Type A personality and in which situations you will step down and let someone else be in control and in which situations you will step up and be in control.

– After a divorce one must reanalyze ones thinking and redefine the question “What is love?” Otherwise, you will seek what is familiar. This is what you are used to and if it did not work the first time then maybe you need to switch to unfamiliar, something different. That is difficult. Familiar may not be the right thing but it is what you are used to and that may not be what you need. So really, seek and define “What is love?” It is many things to different people. Read “The Five Love Languages” book. You will see if I speak to you in my love language, you may not understand since it may not be your love language. Seek someone who thinks like you possibly, or maybe you need someone opposite, someone who thinks differently than your ex did.

– Just something to think about, Dear Writers and Dear Readers.