Post date: Oct 24, 2017 10:49:51 PM


Look around you next time you can or think back to when there were people around you. Each one of them is exactly like you. Other than being human, they all have complex lives, with children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, friends, other relatives, jobs, commitments and worries.

Just like you.

You think you are the only one. No. You are not.

Wait! I can say. I have a stepbrother, two half-sisters and a half-brother on my father’s side, plus a half-brother on my mother’s side who has my father’s last name who is not my father’s son.

Yeah! It is that complicated. Their family may not have the exact dynamic as yours but it is so convoluted that if you were to live as them for a day, maybe all it would take is an hour. You’d probably say, “Give me my life back”; I don’t know how they can stand it.”

They stand it because of familiarity. The stand it because they grew up with that particular complexity and because they have learned to cope with it. Actually just like you stand, cope, learn, and grow with your own. You are so self-involved and into the deep intricate details, that you have adapted and committed to that scenario so fully that you cannot conceive of any other way to live.

I mean, if you have been reading my blog, Dear Readers and Dear Writers, you know some of my personal details. Those experiences have not been experienced by anyone but me, certainly not you. However, you can spout off details of just as rich a life as I have. Your details may make mine pale by comparison.

Your details are your own. Your details are your love, your life, your passion, your frustration, your choices, your involvement, your business and yours alone.

Be thankful for your details, otherwise; where would you be? Who would you be? You would not be you without your details and that is just the way; if you think about it, you should, you would, and you have to have it.

Now, ain’t it a grand life? Heh, heh, LOL, and none of us would trade, since the thought of dealing with another’s complexity scares the heck out of me.

Seth Godin has this to say about it in his blog. Also, he defines sonder for those of you who need clarification (I did).