Get out there and get heard

Post date: Jul 13, 2015 1:35:39 PM

I'm finding out that half of my time, I'm a writer. The other half, I'm a self promoter, with a megaphone like a barker in a carnival shouting over all the other distractions and voices. I am attempting to make my self heard in a sea of voices and my positive conclusion is that, there are some treasures out there (including you) and you just have to sift through enough sand to find the jewels. I found a bracelet at the beach once quite by accident and yet did not find the wedding ring that someone had posted a $1000 reward for.

Keep sifting that sand and you will find a nugget and yell, "Eureka!"

Here's to all the treasure hunters in the world, keep at it, and you will find it.

Dear Writers, sometimes you need to make your own treasure for others to find as well.