Everyone has a blog...

Post date: Jun 13, 2017 12:11:59 AM

Everyone has a blog or so it seems.

However, does everyone have something to say? I would say a resounding, “YES!” to that statement.

So, what do you, Dear Reader and Dear Writer have to say? What is on your mind that you can elucidate upon? What are you thinking and is it interesting? If it is interesting to you, will it be interesting to others?

In my previous writings, you have found out that I read extensively from many blogs and articles and books.

I read hundreds, if not thousands of them, literally.

I’ve read the blogs of the authors I’ve interviewed. As of today, I’ve interviewed 210 authors and if they have a blog, you can be sure I’ve read it.

I do this to get a flavor for what kind of writer they are, what they are writing about, and just to see if what they have to say makes sense, makes me want to read more, or just makes me see answers I have not seen or ask questions that I have not thought of before.

Continual enlightenment!

Constant learning!

Lifelong commitment to bettering myself and others!

So much to learn. Will there be enough time? Can I ever learn enough to understand everything I want to understand? Can I reach a pinnacle or does it stretch out thousands and millions of miles before me? Is it continually just out of reach?

I have to explore this unexplored country of my mind. It is vast and I relish in that vastness. It will keep me “unbored” (yeah, I just invented or coined that word) for my lifetime (probably for several lifetimes).

If there is one thing that I have learned it is that something I learn today will help someone I love, someone that I care for, someone that I talk to, someone that shares my life, intimately or just in passing.

That sharing makes a unique as human beings. It brings a discourse to us, an intellectual exercise to us, a satisfaction through interaction that we would never have if we just grunted or waved as we pass.

Stop and talk with someone, anyone. Ensure that you enrich their lives and they will enrich yours.

One more thing:

· “After all, if we are not here to help each other, then what are we here for?”