What are you chasing?

Post date: Apr 12, 2018 11:23:03 PM

What are you chasing?



A pipedream?

Something that you are not?

Something for which you aspire?




Exactly what is it that you want?

If you don’t know then you are running in all directions looking for that magic Easter egg that will make you happy when you don’t know what happy is?

One must know what one specifically wants to be able to get it!

Did you actually read that last statement?

You must know what you want, specifically, to be able to obtain it.

Use specificity to nail down the exactitudes of what you want, are looking for, are trying to attain.

Exactitude is accuracy.

Your knowledge will lead you and guide you. Your instincts are good. Follow your gut. Not your heart, not your head, not someone else’s advice.

You have inklings and those inklings are actually premonitions, they will lead you correctly.

I’d like to think that is what lead you to me.

You came searching for something and I want to be a contributor to your life.

I want to help you. Just contact me.

ab3ring AT juno DOT com or dalanbinder AT gmail DOT com